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A nice 29″ walleye about to be released.

Summer has finally arrived and with it, those things we so desperately missed thus far this season: sunny days, warm water, mosquito-free evenings, and quality family time. Here at Two Moon Point, summer time is family time and there is no better way to create family memories than to play together in the outdoors. Again this we week we hosted a number of families who enjoyed the bonding that comes with a fishing trip. While some days were more productive than others, everyone caught fish but more importantly, everyone had fun.

Most of the walleye action was on the bottom of drops adjacent to rock points in the 21 to 18 foot range, casting jigs tipped with a leech, then moving shallower as evening approached. Trollers did well during the few overcast moments we had this week. Bass were caught by casting spinners into shallows among the many islands near the lodge.

We welcome families here at Two Moon Lodge and offer a number of activities to keep the children entertained and active. Kayaks, canoes, bikes, horseshoes, bocci, and a sandy bottom for swimming make this the perfect summer playground—not to mention our one-of-a-kind gourmet wood-fired pizza dinner.

We also welcome our newest member to the Morin Family. Last week there were wedding bells for our son Paul and this week we welcomed Kate back to the lodge as Paul’s wife. Many of our return guests have already met Kate and will agree that she is a perfect addition to the Two Moon gang. Congratulations Paul and Kate!


Kate with a 22″ beauty

20228503_10209155478478234_6363302761721736652_nA heart-felt thanks goes out to all those who helped Julie and I get away for the wedding, specially the Petrik Family (thanks for your awesome fishing report last week) and John Stevens who took care of things while we were away. You guys are the best!


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