Warm Days, Quiet Nights, Good Times.

June 5, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

Julie and I took a few casts in Wolf Bay last night. The surface temperature was an incredible 72 degrees in places. In front of the lodge, the water is 68. Two weeks ago, it was in the mid-fifties. Now typically, I get really excited to see the water temp hit 70, which it usually does around June 22. Yesterday evening, I had very little to get excited about. On what might have been ideal fishing conditions, we were only able to coax a few small walleye to the hook.

So, what is up? Here is my latest theory, subject to change of course: Fish, as you know, follow the Gregorian Calendar. They have booked their travel schedule well in advance, and are not able to adjust their plans to take advantage of a warm water vacation and all-you-can-eat buffet in one of the Lake Kipawa Bays. You know: kids, school, fish stuff.

Or, it could be that the rapid change in water temperature is too much for the walleye to handle. They just need a little time to get used to the summer-like weather. Walleye feed most under stable conditions. Rapid changes in air pressure, frontal patterns, winds seem to slow down the bite.

Or, we have become so used to easy fishing that we forget that sometimes you need to work for your fish. The guys here this week put in their time, and they caught fish. Thursday’s feed of walleye fed fourteen hungry men, so that isn’t too bad.

The season is early and the lake is healthy. I am confident that we will soon be in the midst of another great fishing season. In the meantime, the beer is cold, the pizza is hot, and Kip is looking hungry.34b075f8f75f92ca2afdad1d8c152cec_resized19f91211ffd656a474348b30ad74701ef7c1ebedcee4f7d7567e4d13b400da04_resized



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