The Strategy of Effective Napping.

August 1, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

Summer is sizzling. Thankfully, up here in the Northland, we have a bit of a break in the heat, at least that is what I hear from our guests arriving here to escape the sweltering temperature. But it is still hot and sunny, and not much wind. Not exactly walleye fishing weather.

It is no secret that walleye are a light-adverse species. Those big marble eyes of theirs are tuned to pick up bait in low light conditions: evening, dawn and in dark, tannic lakes. Kipawa is not really dark water, and since it is a clear and cold lake, the walleye are generally above the thermocline, which is still pretty bright. Bottom line: we ain’t catching’ many walleye on a sunny afternoon when it is in the high 90’s (that’s mid 30’s in Canadian).

So, time to be strategic. Set that alarm for 5 AM and get on the water early. There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise from a boat on a beautiful wilderness lake. If you are lucky, the morning fog might roll in and get ready for a bonus bite, up until the sun burns away the mist. After that, try trolling deeper, work shorelines and points for pike or bass or rig up for lake trout. Once the sun gets hot however, you are probably best to head back to camp. Have some breakfast, take a swim, find a shaded spot with a breeze and relax to the amazing views from Two Moon Point. Enjoy one of the many novels we have strewn throughout the cabins. Take a nap. A long nap.

Then, after an early dinner, hit the lake again, do some trolling, and find your spot for the evening bite. It might not last long, so be ready for the walleye to turn on once the sun goes down. You would hate to be burned out from a long day in the hot sun and miss the action at dusk.



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