The Path of Leech Resistance

June 14, 2015 by dmorin No Comment

Not everyone likes the those cute and cuddly little critters known as the humble Leech, or Bloodsucker or Sangsuse in French. I don’t have a problem with them; in fact I like how they give my finger a little kiss before I impale them with a hook. My wife Julie, on the other hand, has no love of the slimy black buggers. Maybe she is jealous of how much they are attracted to me, but she won’t go near them. Hence, she uses worms.

So here I am telling everyone how successful I have been walleye fishing with a leech and bobber, and Julie insists on using a 1/8 ounce white jig tipped with a crawler. And if she doesn’t out fish me, two evenings in a row! So, when she is up 7 walleye on a worm to my zero on a leech, I pull my starter and go to the bull pen. Being too stubborn to admit that she might have made the better bait choice, I pass the worm can by and reach for the twister tail and slide it on a 1/4 oz glow jig head. Mr. Twister, white or chartreuse, didn’t matter, because I kicked walleye butt!

Morale of the story: yesterday’s techniques don’t necessarily work today, and, never, ever, let your wife out fish you!

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