The Old Normal

August 18, 2020 by dmorin No Comment

One of the casualties of the COVID pandemic has been the disappearance of our regular fishing reports. I debated whether to post regular updates or not, concerned that stories and pictures of people having fun fishing and their great catches mighty be a little too much salt in the wounds of those who, through no fault of their own, are not permitted to travel here this year. I have heard from some that they miss the regular updates and are wondering how we are doing this summer.

So let me say this. Julie and I are fine, we have our first grandchild, Lucy, visiting the lodge soon, and Two Moon Point is a bit of a puppy paradise these days. The loons still sing, the air is just as fresh, the stars bright, and yes, the fish are still as hungry as ever. Once you are here, it’s easy to forget about the world beyond Lake Kipawa.

Meteor Shower Stargazing

While our camp has been fully booked for most of the summer, there has been less pressure on the fishery this season. Many of our this year’s guests are new to the lake, families experiencing Lake Kipawa for the first time and fishing may not always be their top priority. They love the variety of activities available here at Two Moon Lodge and Julie’s outdoor yoga sessions have certainly been popular. Still, fish catches have certainly been respectable. Some of the returning guests–the”lifers”–believe this has been one of the best years ever.

Morning Yoga

Overall, the stable weather of the past few weeks has made for some great fishing conditions. The walleye and smallmouth bass are now in their late summer patterns, feeding on the minnows that school off points and over mid-lake reefs and shoals. One of the guys here last week commented that he has never experienced fishing like this in his life. Every time a 20″ bass or a beautiful walleye is live-released back to the lake, those fish will become even bigger next season, when we hope all of our friends will be able to again enjoy the “Old Normal” here at Two Moon Lodge.

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