The Lake

200,000 Years in the Making

Long ago, North America was under a mile thick sheet of ice. The fishing wasn’t very good back then, but what was happening under the ice sheet was creating ideal conditions for what would later be Two Moon Point. A river of melting glacier water ran under the ice and along its course, rocks, gravel and sand where deposited. When the glacier retreated, it left a feature called an Esker on the ancient river bed. Where the rest of Lake Kipawa sits on Pre-Cambrian bedrock, the area adjacent to Two Moon Lodge has the glacial sand and gravel deposits. This unique feature creates perfect habitat for Walleye and Lake Trout underwater, and excellent structure to hold fish. On land, it created Two Moon Point, a flat, sandy point jutting into the rocky deeps of Lake Kipawa. The place was so ideal that it was the site of the first lodge in the area. In the 1920’s Americans would travel by train and steamer to Two Moon point to enjoy the Kipawa’s charm (and drink during the Prohibition).

No need for a long boat ride to the good fishing spots. Stay where the fish are!