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A Family That Fishes Together…

Maybe because last Sunday was Father’s Day, or maybe it’s just because Dads are awesome, but we have noticed the pattern of dads and kids taking fishing trips to Two Moon Lodge. Moms and daughters too, and moms and dads, grandparents, dogs, turtles—it’s that kind of place here, a place you want to share with your family.

This week and last, we had most of our cabins booked with family fishing trips. Three generations in a couple of the cabins, adult children spending time with their fathers in the others. For some, like the groups that are here this week, the annual fishing trip is the time to bring back memories, slow down and reconnect with dad. And for dad to show the boys how it’s done!


And no better way to do that than while working together to bring in a massive northern, or chow down on a meal of fresh walleye fillets, or wrestle with an acrobatic smallmouth. This week the fishing was on, and there were some great catches of walleye, bass, lake trout and pike.

Those trolling Rapalas and similar small body baits did best, but worms on jigs, drifted or cast produced fish right at dusk. I caught 5 nice walleye on 6 casts, tossing a gold Hot n’ Tot (casting artificial for walleye is something I rarely do) before switching to leeches then later to worms.

While the weather was cool and rainy most of the week, it kept the fish active. This pattern should hold out for another week or two.

So, come and bring the family. Our local snapping turtle returns to Two Moon Point every year to lay her eggs, so it has gotta be pretty good here!



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