Summer Rules

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13606858_10153796788776482_7827605404220918979_nIn Canada, summer really begins on July 1st. The official start of summer on June 21 is actually a sad day for us Canucks, as we mourn the fact that the amount of daylight is actually receding. But July 1st, we celebrate Canada’s birthday, summer vacation from school, the end of blackly season (unless you are next to a bubbling stream) and the change in how we fish this end of Lake Kipawa. We move to Summer Rules.

1. Family time. Above all else, summer here is spent with family, spouse, friends, loved ones.

2. Walleye start to move into the main lake. While we are still picking up the ‘eyes in the shallow bays, the action is starting in the the 10-16 ft depths off points and islands.

3. Bass are on the move. The spawning is done, and the smallies have left the shallow shoals and shorelines to feed in deeper water drop offs, where the minnows and crayfish are.

4. The Pike are in the shallows. Weeds have emerged, and the big Northerns are laying in the bays, waiting for your lure.

5. Lake Trout: 3o ft depth over 45 + ft.

6. Afternoons are meant for swimming.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the June feeding frenzies and the excitement around the camp as our guests compare fish tales, but there is something nice about the slower pace of summer. And it allowed Julie and I to get away for a bit this week with our son Paul and his fiancee Kate to do a 4 day canoe trip on the Upper Kipawa River, something we last did 25 years ago, while our guests were treated to Eddy’s warm hospitality. It was a banner week for fishing here at Two Moon, and the fishing on the Kipawa River was as good as it was 25 years ago.


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