Star Power

August 7, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

When is the last time you laid on your back, at night, and did nothing but look up at the night sky? No lights around for miles, the stars your only entertainment, while you and your friends, spouse or children spend hours gazing into the universe. If you have never done this, then I recommend that you get up here soon and experience the magic of a summer night.


The Perseid Meteor shower that occurs each August is supposed to be the most spectacular display of shooting stars in twenty years, and there is no place better than a south-facing dock at Two Moon Lodge to experience it. This past weekend our guests were blown away by the stars, meteors, and the full Milky Way spilling above Two Moon Point; I could hear the ‘ahh’s’ and “ooo’s” coming from the dock, well into the night.

It is hard to believe that there is so much light pollution now that two thirds of the world have never seen the Milky Way, and many have never seen stars at all. Yet here, we are in one of the darkest pockets of the country. There are no streetlights at Two Moon Point, no headlights, no billboards—the only light is what you choose to turn on, or, if you choose to experience the magic of the night sky, the light of a shooting star. Don’t you think it is time you experienced the universe again?



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