Slow week, Bright future

May 30, 2015 by dmorin No Comment

Well, at least we got a lot of work done at the camp this week! The weather has been a bit of a challenge lately, to be honest: cold fronts, strong north winds, then suddenly hot, calm and sunny. The water temp is still only around 50 deg at the surface and the walleye have yet to really move onto the bays. I managed to pick up a few lake trout, bass and pike flatline trolling. The guys who arrived Thursday have got some fish, including a respectable walleye, on a lucky strike spinner rig and worm.

But things are gonna change. Once we get through this weekend’s cold snap, the forecast looks like some stable weather is coming. I am confident that we will have some great fishing in store for the next few weeks as the walleye leave the spawning areas cruise past our point and start the post spawn feed in the warm shallow bays.

Fish on!


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