Shapin’ Up!

June 4, 2017 by dmorin No Comment

It’s been a tough start to the fishing season. The weather has not been kind to the Lake Kipawa anglers. Despite a normal ice-out in late April, it has been unseasonably cold since then. There have been a handful of very hot days, followed by extended periods where we have been locked under a cold front with wet, unsettled weather. The water temperatures are still in the high 50’s with 60 degrees in the bays—not ideal feeding conditions for Mr. Walleye. Sure, some fish have been caught, and some dandy walleye were let go (purposely or otherwise) at the boat, but overall it has been slower than we have gotten used to for the first week of June.

But Saturday was pleasant, sunny, warm but not hot, and it made a difference. All it took was one day to warm the bays enough to entice the fish to feed in the shallows. Typical with fishing shallow, the bite was at sunset and didn’t last long, but it was enough that everyone got fish. Worms on tiny jigs seemed best, leech on bobber took a few, and the guys trolling body baits had some action. It might take a day or two of warm weather to turn on the fish enough to hit a passing lure.

We have noticed the average size of the walleye might be a few inches bigger than the past few years. It might be too early to tell yet, but it would make sense, given the slot size that was put in place last year. So far this year, there have been very few walleye that were under the 14.5″ slot.

So, all in all, things are shaping up. Each day is a little warmer, the days a little longer, the sunsets a little more beautiful.

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