Settling in on the Unsettled

August 2, 2015 by dmorin No Comment

_MG_5371Weather wise have had an incredible spring and summer. Stable weather patterns, moderate temperatures and seasonal conditions have made for excellent fishing conditions. But, as the saying goes, “a little rain must fall.”  Last week we saw very hot conditions that shot the surface water temperature into the mid 80’s. This week, the story is cold fronts and rain. So, the question is, how does one get fish in these conditions?

The answer: go fishing!

Seriously, you won’t catch fish sitting in a cabin or staying at home. You have to get out on the water. But it doesn’t necessarily mean danger or discomfort. One good thing about staying at Two Moon Lodge is that you are so close to the fishing grounds. If you see a break in the weather, jump in the boat and get out there! Chances are the bite will be on. Keep an eye on the sky and if you see crap heading your way, you can quickly boot it back to the lodge. You might be surprised how much fishing you can get in even though the weather forecast calls for rain.

And, should a storm roll through, there is no better place to experience the majesty of a summer thunderstorm than in the shelter of your cabin, on a point overlooking a northern lake. And, after the rain, you’ll be in the perfect location to see the greatest rainbows of your life.


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dmorin Dave and Julie Morin own and operate Two Moon Outpost Lodge on Lake Kipawa, Quebec.