Now, That’s Fishin’!

June 26, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

They call it fishing, not catching for a reason. I know that we may have become spoiled the past few years, where it seemed that great catches of walleye were to be expected. Of course, we all dream of those exceptional moments where you can’t keep a fish off of your hook, but the reality is, those moments are exceptional because they are the exception. Really, the majority of a fishing trip is about trying to figure out where to fish, what strategy to try next, when to flip the steaks, and if you should call or raise the poker bet. Fact is, weather is a huge determinant in a fish’s feeding behaviour. Calm, hot sunny days, or rapid water temperature fluctuations don’t trigger a feeding frenzy.

This past week was, again, a reminder of why we love the fishing trip to Two Moon Lodge. Early in the week the guys got into some nice walleye, but again, the unsettled weather and frontal changes made the fishing tough. Walleye catches were averaging 2 or 3 when it was slow, with bass and the odd pike thrown in. Lake Trout fishing was solid, with our largest of the year, a 36″ beauty, taken right near the camp.

This week also saw out biggest walleye in a while, a 31 1/2 inch monster, released.

The return of more stable weather later in the week saw the fish become more active again, with first the bass, then the walleye action pick up. Yesterday, the lakers were on, big time, and last night, everyone caught lots of walleye.

So, we love it here because of the variety of fish species, the great facilities, friendly and professional service, and that fact that our chairs are just so perfect for sitting there in the afternoon
shade, looking out at the wide open lake, cooled by a bug-free breeze, while you and your buddies talk about how you are going to nail them tonight.

Now, that’s fishin’!IMG_6596

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