New Investment for the Best Season Ever

May 23, 2018 by dmorin No Comment

Welcome Back!

Year number eleven has begun for us at Two Moon Lodge and this season looks to be the best ever. A late ice-out (May 14 being the latest I remember) made for a bit of a scramble to get things open, but everything is in great shape now.

We are excited to offer you some new improvements this year. First, our brand new camp boat is in the water and ready to ship our guest to the camp. This custom-built 26 foot welded aluminum vessel made this past winter by Henley Boats is powered by a 300 hp Yamaha 4 stroke. It features an extra-wide, 10-foot beam, fully enclosed cabin, lots of inside storage and a side door that makes for easy access from the dock.


We have also made a significant investment in upgrading our solar power generation and storage this year. New, improved batteries and additional solar panels will increase our generation by 140% and our capacity to store power will be doubled. Quiet, green and renewable energy in every cabin.

This past weekend we replaced the outdoor kitchen structure with a new timber frame shelter. The roof now extends to provide shade for much of the new deck in the group dining area and rain protection for the cooking and table area. Perfect for our pizza dinners and group gatherings.


We are proud of the investment we have made at the camp and are excited to share our commitment to excellence and service with our guests. So, why not make this the year to experience Two Moon Lodge? Whether you are hoping to return again or have been dreaming about coming to enjoy the fabulous fishing on the North end of Kipawa, or just want to taste the best boat-accessed pizza in the world, this season is the perfect time to get up here.

See you soon?


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dmorin Dave and Julie Morin own and operate Two Moon Outpost Lodge on Lake Kipawa, Quebec.