Low Pressure Zone

July 2, 2017 by dmorin No Comment

DSC_0702It was one of those weeks: a clothes-drying, fire-burning, card-playing kind of week, but also a rain-geared, fish-catching, live-releasing kind of week. Probably one of the darkest and wettest seven days in recent memory, this past week also was one of the better fishing weeks of the season. Overall, lots of walleye were caught, and a bunch of “over-the-slot” sized walleye were released. We know walleye are more active in low light conditions, and we have had plenty of that. Some of the best catches of walleye were in the morning and the larger fish were taken during the day. While the evening jig or drop shot produced lots of smaller fish, those trolling lures caught the larger walleye.

We seem to still be in our pattern of being a couple of weeks behind in terms of water temp and fish location, so the shallow bays and jigging tucked in tight to shore produced the best results. The water remains unseasonably cool and to date, there hasn’t been much Mayfly activity.


But it wasn’t all gloom. The big story was the size of some of the fish caught. Pete joined the Masters League with his 41″ Northern, and Lorne’s 21″ Smallmouth is the season’s biggest so far. The smallmouth fishing is still unbelievable, with many 3 and 4 pounders caught. The lake trout action was steady, despite there not being a lot of sun this past week. These four guys boated a total of 225 fish, and released all but 12 of them.

Overall, another great week at the lodge. Hey—if life gives you rain clouds, you might as well take advantage of the low pressure here at Two Moon Lodge.











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