Like an Ant Under a Magnifying Glass

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Hot. Very hot. That pretty much sums up this past week. A lot more time was spent cooling in the lake rather than burning in the boat. Many days this week, being out fishing in the mid-day sun was downright dangerous. Still, the folks here enjoyed another sunny and dry week, and were glad they weren’t further south.


I am amazed at how shallow the walleye remain, this late into the season. Trolling or drifting the shallow bays is still producing good walleye, but it does make for some challenging fishing when the water and air temperatures are so high. We measured the water to be 81 F on Thursday evening, with the surface temp consistently above 77 F. Yet we are still getting walleye in 6 feet of water!

For those who woke early and hit the water before the sun got too high, and those who stayed out until dark, their effort paid off. While the fishing results may not have been record-breaking, a few walleye were picked up in one spot, a few in another, and before long it all added up to a pretty successful week. Eat as much fish as you want and bring home your limit—that isn’t too bad! During the day, some impressively large walleye were caught and released by those trolling bottom bouncers. Catching quality walleye under these conditions shows skill and determination. Well done!

As usual, bass and lake trout were active during the day, for those who could stand the heat out on the water.

This week is proving to be even more of a fishing challenge. After a thunderstorm with lightning, only a little rain, and short-lived cold-front, we are now socked in with strong winds—the perfect recipe for forest-fires. The smoke from a number of forest fires burning in the region makes for an eerie haze. Things are extremely dry here and we appreciate that our guests have been extra careful and are refraining from having campfires. On a positive note, the mosquitoes and flies seemed to have taken a beating by the hot, dry spell. There will be some good fishing weather to come this week, but so far, we have again spent time lots of time enjoying the bug-free breeze, swimming, paddling and playing in the water. In short, just loving summer at Two Moon Point.

There will be some good fishing weather to come this week, but so far, we have once again spent lots of time swimming, paddling, playing in the water, and watching the water bombers at work. In short, just loving summer in the North.


Forest-fire sky

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