If You Had To Choose…

September 17, 2017 by dmorin No Comment

Okay. You have to pick one. Would you rather:

1. Spend a week at Two Moon Lodge during the hands-down best weather of the summer (but it’s mid-September), there are no mosquitoes or blackflies, winds are just enough for a cooling breeze, barely another soul on the lake, see the most amazing sunrises and sunsets every day—but the fishing is slow (because it’s too darn nice)


2. Freeze your butt off, get soaked by rain, get bit by flies—but catch a ship-load of walleye, catch and release a 31 inch monster, eat as much fish as you want, release a bunch, and still take home your limit of keepers?

Tough one eh?

In the perfect world, one could combine both scenarios, but, really, how often does that happen?

Answer: September 9-16, 2017. This past week, our camp was full of the luckiest fishermen on the planet. Not lucky in terms of fishing luck, because skill did play a role in their success, but lucky in terms of the perfect balance of great weather, good friends and solid fishing action. You can’t ask for more than that. Good catches—sometimes great catches—of walleye from jigging worms and leeches over mid-lake reefs were complimented by amazing meals and conversation on our outdoor kitchen’s new deck.

What a great way to wind down our fishing season. The next few weeks we will be beginning to slowly shut things down and prepare for our hunting guests. I am sure the great fishing is going to last a while longer, and I’ll be out there now and then enjoying what is the best weather of the year.



Big fish of the week: 31 1/2″ Walleye

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