Fly Me to Two Moon

July 15, 2019 by dmorin No Comment

Two Moon Lodge is quickly becoming a dream destination for fly fishing.

As the lake environment transitions from the spring mating and breeding season to the early summer hatching season, the water and air have come alive with new life. Bugs, flies and creepy-crawlies of every description are scooting along the water surface, nymphs are emerging from the depths as adult flies and the fish have become bug-eyed at the beetle buffet. It can make for some tough bait fishing or jigging when the surface is covered with mayflies and dragonflies. But, with a basic fly fishing outfit and a less-than-perfect cast, you can add new excitement to otherwise challenging fishing conditions.

Two Moon Lodge is the ideal place to try your hand at fly fishing. The clear water and sand flats that surround the point allow for sight-casting, the dream of any fly fisherman. Spot fish the smallmouth bass that cruise the shallows and, either by wading the shore or from a boat, kayak or canoe. Nothing beats watching the bass turn and streak toward your fly and nothing beats the fight of a lunker smallmouth on a 6-weight fly rod. The astounding number of big bass here make for exciting days of fly fishing.

In the past few weeks, we have hosted a number of fly fishermen who have come equipped to tackle Two Moon’s bass. Last week, four guys staying here caught and released hundreds of smallmouth. Their trick: cast a surface popper into the sand flat, close to the drop-off, give one quick pull to draw the fish’s attention away from the line splash and to get the bug’s legs wiggling…then wait. The fly of choice: the Booglebug. (Blue seemed to work the best).

Booglebugs.(Google the Boogle)

Noisy, sparkly streamers or sinking leech patterns work well for bass, pike or with a sinking leader, the occasional walleye. But, the real excitement comes from the surface action of a popper or a dry fly. To this day, one of my best fishing experiences was taking whitefish feeding on the surface with a tiny dry fly.

So, rather than curse the fly hatch for slowing down the fishing, get yourself a 6 or 7-weight fly outfit, a few poppers and streamers, practise casting in the backyard, then head up here for some world-class smallmouth fly fishing.

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