An Angler's Paradise

Fishing on Lake Kipawa is a sport as old as the lake itself. From the local native populations, to the guests of the first fishing camp at Two Moon Point in the 1920's, to the modern, GPS-equipped angler, all have been drawn to the waters of Kipawa for the peace of a early morning troll, the stillness of jigging at sunset, and, of course, the tug of a biting fish. Famous for the quality of its Lake Trout and Walleye fishery, the North end of Lake Kipawa attracts anglers to this day. Those who troll past Two Moon Point always stop to admire the quaint lodge tucked beneath the towering white and red pines while pulling in the fish biting their line. Now, you can enjoy some of the best fishing in western Quebec at your cabin doorstep. Stay at Two Moon Outpost Lodge and experience Lake Kipawa's best fishing.

Main Species

The bread and butter fish of the Canadian wilderness, this species must have been created to please the stomachs of hungry anglers. There is no fish so well suited for the frying pan, nor so plentiful in the lake. From the season opener in May to when the water turns over in October, the prized Walleye is usually willing to bite a jig tipped with a crawler or a leech or a live leech suspended below a slip bobber. Slow trolling crawler harnesses is a sure-fire technique throughout the season. For those who prefer artificial baits, minnow imitating lures like Rapalas work well earlier in the season, then deeper diving crankbaits like the Hot n’ Tot produce well into September. While our guests have released Walleye in the 30″ range, the average fish is 14″-18″.
Lake Trout
Lake Kipawa’s claim to fame is its outstanding Lake Trout fishery. These cold water char are ferocious feeders who follow the lake’s abundant herring schools. In May and early June they are fished by flatlining trolling spoons or body baits, casting or jigging points and shoals. As the surface water warms, the trout move deeper and for most of the season they are below 25ft. Downriggers, wire or lead core line is the way to get spoons down to them in the summer.  The water around Two Moon Lodge is some of the best Trout habitat on Kipawa, and catching and releasing 5 or 6 an hour is common.
Northern Pike
These monsters are the prize of the serious anglers who spend their day casting spinner baits, spoons or body baits into the weed beds and back bays. Two Moon Lodge is blessed with superb pike waters in nearby Wolf Bay, Ace Bay and the islands in Loon Bay. In mid summer, Pike are targeted off mid-lake shoals, islands and points. There is a 6 fish limit on Northern Pike, with no size restrictions. The average Northerns run in the 24″ range, with the big fish each year being a 42-45″” lunker, usually live-released to be caught again next year.
Smallmouth Bass
These fiesty fighters seem only to have recently inhabited the waters of Kipawa’s North Arm. Since they are active feeders during the day, they make for an exciting addition to the evening walleye bite. Anglers who target the bass do very well catching 18 and 20 inch lunkers. They will readily hit Mepps spinners tipped with a minnow, jigs or crank baits. Shallow rock shoals and points or sandy drop offs produce best. 6 fish limit, and no size limit. It is a pretty incredible smallmouth fishery, without any signs of it having negatively affected the walleye population.

Fishing Regulations

New size limits came into effect for Zone 13, Reserve Kipawa in 2016. Consult the Quebec Fishing Regulations. Be sure you know the new rules.