Non-negotiable Memories

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“While Daddy is out fishing, Mother relaxes and sun bathes while the children play and swim safely in the water.” – Two Moon Lodge brochure, circa 1975

Seems a little dated, doesn’t it? Certainly times have changed since this brochure was printed in the 70’s, but it does speak top the long tradition of families choosing Two Moon Lodge as their family vacation destination.

One guest here this week put it this way, “What you guys do here is create family memories.” I think this really captures what we hope to do as owners of Two Moon Lodge. Sure, great fishing or spectacular sunsets, or enjoying the amazing views from Two Moon Point are all part of those memories, but what keeps families coming back year after year, is that summer just wouldn’t be summer without the annual trip to Two Moon Lodge.

Some families have only recently made Two Moon Lodge their summer tradition. We see many times when a guest of ours who has been here on past fishing trips has recommended Two Moon to someone as a good place to bring their family. And, after a fantastic week of bike riding, kayaking, swimming, cliff jumping and catching a walleye of a lifetime, it will be hard to imagine this place not becoming an annual family adventure.

Isaiah and his 32″ personal best walleye

For other families, a week at Two Moon Lodge is a simply a non-negotiable week together, away from work, from sport practices, a chance to unplug, go off-grid, offline, for a while. No apologies needed when you’re gone fishin’. Or napping. Or doing yoga while looking out over Loon Bay.

Or, like the three generations of the Petrik family who have been coming here since the days of the Mullins, the camp’s first owners, the traditions are strong. For them each day is a different adventure: Picnic Island cookout, Blueberry Island, tubing, guitar sing-songs, playing catch, tossing the football. Now they include a weekly Pizza Party.

Or maybe it’s a nostalgic memory of time spent here with a parent who is no longer with us. Each year we have guests come back to reflect on their times here, years ago. The lake has hardly changed since then; the fishing is just as good (except now we have bass), there are still no other cottages around, no roads, no noise. So, for them, a trip back here is like a trip back in time with the people they miss– back to when Daddy would be out fishing and Mother could sun bathe without watching the kids.

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