Every-Cast Walleye in August?

August 15, 2015 by dmorin No Comment


A well stocked live well!

Everyone knows that with June fishing come the hope of those special days or evenings when every time you throw your line out there, a fish takes it. It’s the stuff that fishing dreams are made of, and the memories that last forever. And during this prime weeks of June when the post-spawn walleye are feeding in the bays, it can easily happen. All it takes is the perfect mix of weather, location, water temperature, barometric pressure, moon, phase, jig colour, lucky underwear, favourite fishing pole, and karma because you let your euchre partner go-it-alone—you might be in for a magical hour of fishing that you will never forget.


A welcomed feast!

But in August, really?

I gotta tell you folks: yes. It happens at time other than the few weeks of June. The trick is, for summer fishing, you need to be on the water at different times and in different locations, even within the same week. We had limit catches of walleye all this week, and in a few instances, it was every-cast walleye action; catching and releasing one after another, maybe keeping a few for the once a week meal of walleye. Sometimes we were on the feeding frenzy at 4 PM in 26 ft of water, other times 8 AM in 16 ft in an entirely different part of the lake. The key is to put in the time on the water, try different spots and techniques, ask questions, and be adaptable.

Oh, and the lucky underwear helps.

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