Enjoying The Peace and Quiet

July 24, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

This past week gave us a bit of a break in the hustle of running the camp. Since the beginning of June we have been pretty much fully booked so it was nice to have a few days to focus on some projects that have been piling up.

As our returning guests are aware, we really strive to keep Two Moon Lodge a quiet and relaxing environment. Our location on the north end of Lake Kipawa is pretty quiet to begin with, but still, we do our best to keep construction projects, power equipment and machinery noise to the absolute minimum. Grass cutting, for example, is scheduled when our guests are all out fishing or way from the camp. We rarely use our generator, rather depend on the silent and green solar energy to power the place. To us, the wilderness experience involves tranquility, and frankly, we are proud to say that we do have jet skis here.

The downside of this “no-noise” policy is that sometimes the noisy projects get put off, at least until we get a bit of a break in our bookings. This is when we get cutting and digging and hammering. So far this season, we have repainted 3 cabins, replaced the cabin 3 dock, put in a new septic for cabin 5, plus the endless list of odd jobs. Oh, and got a bit of fishing in too.

The past few days we have also seen a bit of a slowing in the fishing action, which, honestly, is not a bad thing. Folks are still catching fish, but are also having a good time hiking our trails, doing the morning yoga stretch with Julie, biking, playing horseshoes, enjoying an evening campfire. You know, summer stuff.

But now we are back to be being fully booked and the only sounds we hear other than those of the lake, the loons and the forest, are the laughs of children playing.

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