Boys Will Be Boys

So, it been officially a month since I’ve been living up at Two Moon Lodge; listening to the serenade of the howling loons on Lake Kipawa, watching the sway of the massive pine trees and observing: the GUYS. It’s Julie here, the other half of the blogger; or, as the website says, “prime mover and yogi”. And, since we just celebrated Father’s Day, I thought it would be fitting to write a little blog about MEN and the way I see the real Two Moon Lodge in June.

Let me tell you, men truly are a simple breed! I have observed that nothing makes them happier than a cooler filled with ice and some cold cans of beer. Sure, every once in awhile a “sommelier- type” of guy arrives with a milk crate full of fancy red wines. But, on the whole, they are pretty content with a can of cheap Quebec Bleu and maybe the odd cigar. Unlike classy feminine me, just in case you are wondering, I appreciate a good martini; dry and dirty, of course!

And friends, let me tell you, the guys do not attend the daily yoga classes I offer or do hikes with me. Instead, they say that they prefer to “exercise their biceps”, jigging for that big walleye. And big fish they get! Just this week, I witnessed every type of fish possible in this lake pulled out (sometimes caught and released too): northern pike, whitefish, lake trout, a net full of fat bass and some lovely tasty pickerel. So healthy, those Omega 3’s!!!!

But, as a butcher’s daughter, I can attest to the fact that I have also seen some pretty thick beef tenderloins and saucy pork ribs going on these grills around here too. Don’t get me wrong, I love red meat as much as my male counter parts. But, meat, beer and fishing pretty much sums up “June and the guys” from what I’ve seen.

And then there are the bugs. The guys seem to tolerate them pretty well. And, I too in my own time, have learned to live in harmony with the June black flies, the green pollen that covers the deck and those mosquitos. Why not? After all, the biting ones are female. I have friends!

In all honesty, I have realized that each day here living with the guys is pretty simple but glorious too! First thing in the morning, before I throw off the covers, leap out of bed and fire up old Mr Coffee; I dance with a little more abandon: It’s gonna be a magical awesome day at the Lodge. No gossip, no girl talk about the latest fashion or marital issues… it’s all about the meat, a cold one and a fishing rod. Oh yeah, and the odd, amazing full moon sunset.
Happy fishing!!!