Big Fish Week at Two Moon

July 10, 2015 by dmorin No Comment


Dennis has been coming to Lac Kipawa for years—like 30 years. Now he takes his grandson and son-in-law and shows them how to fish. He must be a good teacher, because in the 5 days they were here they landed 45 walleye, most of which where 18″ or more, a number over 24″, and the largest walleye of the year this year, a 30″ beauty. Plus a 21 and 22″ smallmouth.

Like many of our other guests this year, Dennis figures that this season has some of the best walleye fishing he has ever seen on the lake. Certainly, perfect fishing weather has something to do with it, but so does a healthy walleye fishery. The catch and release attitude of most of our guests helps contribute to keeping Lac Kipawa such an excellent fishing resource.

Keith and Gary from the Gatineau area are here for the first time and have been fishing lake trout exclusively. On their first afternoon and morning here they caught and released 29 lakers, and have been having a ball trolling Loon Bay. They have caught a lot of fish, releasing many of that were over the 22″ keep size. It is nice to deal with people who enjoy the catching aspect of fishing, where it is not about eating fish every day and bringing back a their limit.

Still lots of great summer fishing left, so drop us a line.



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