Best. Day. Ever.


Imagine you’re on a well-deserved fishing vacation with your best friend, the only person who you really want to be with. The sky is clear, the lake is calm, the afternoon in gorgeous. The trip thus far has been great, especially considering you’ve never been to Lake Kipawa before. You had made a few calls, talked to a few outfitters and decided to book with the one who seemed to answer your questions professionally and truthfully. The outfitter helped you find the fish and made a few suggestions, but the rest was up to you. And you managed to figure out the trick to this lake. You have been doing okay with the walleye.

But today is topping it all. While working your ultra-light rig on a mid-lake reef in the afternoon, you hook into a monster. An epic battle ensues and you finally land a 30″ walleye that weighs in at 10.3 lbs. And your best friend is there to share the moment (and take the picture before you release the fish.) That should be enough to make this a day to never forget, but you have something else planned.


Unbeknownst to your friend, you have made a secret arrangement with the outfitter that goes well beyond the scope of regular tourist camp protocol. While you are battling your trophy walleye, Julie, Dave and Caroline (one of the camp guests who happens to be an award-winning floral designer) are turning a nearby island point into something magical, the place where at sunset you will ask your best friend to marry you.


A bush plane lands at your cabin. You and your partner take a scenic flight over Lake Kipawa (she knows something is up at this point), then you head to the island to watch the glorious August sunset and to pop The Question.

That evening when the lodge guests heard the crack of fireworks, we all knew it was their best day ever. We knew she said yes.

While arranging an engagement proposal is not a regular occurrence for us,  Julie and I were delighted to help make the day special. All of our guests came together to contribute their talents that made it a memorable day for all of us involved. It’s the extra mile we go to for our guests.

In the nearly thirty years of working as tourist outfitters, Julie and I have put together more than a few creative experiences for our clients: family reunions, girl’s getaways, guy’s bachelor parties, staff off-site retreats, media trips, educational programs, to name a few. Two Moon Lodge might be the perfect location for your special event.

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See Caroline’s wildflower arrangement and design at