A Great Week of Fishing

July 2, 2016 by dmorin No Comment

Lots of fish, lots of good times.

While those who come to Kipawa to brag about the numbers of fish they caught may not have broken any records on this year’s trip, those that come for great times with family and friends, catch a few good fish, have a fish fry or two, well, those guys had a stellar week.


Pete with one of the forty or so Lake Trout live released here this week

Lots of quality fish of every species were caught this week. There were two 26″ walleye caught and released, that I know of. Daytime trolling Thin Fins along shoreline structure in 8 – 10 FOW was the ticket for the larger walleye, with lots of over-slot fish released. The evening jig or slip bobber always produced fish, with most nights 3 to 5 walleye per person was common.

Lake trout were definitely on this week. Trolling at the 25 foot depth worked well, with lots of quality trout caught and released. Of the over forty trout caught, not a single one was killed.

Pike were finally a little more active, thanks to the stable weather we had this past week. I know of a 38″ pike caught and released, and many other large pike landed.

But bass continue to be the big story. Folks may question the role of this evasive species in Kipawa, but, when you can go out and land 3 or 4 20 inch smallies, well, that is pretty darn exciting. In fact, this week we had anglers opting to keep these tasty, worm-free bass for their meals, while letting the walleye go. Now that can’t be bad for the lake, can it?


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