Lake Kipawa Fishing Report

Those anglers who experience the greatest success fishing Lake Kipawa do so because they have adapted their technique and equipment to suit this unique environment and changing conditions. That is why we provide regular updates on what is biting, where, and what techniques are working. Check back often. - Dave Morin

Latest Ice-out in Memory

May 20, 2019 by dmorin No Comment

My memory might not be the greatest anymore. Things like the job I was supposed to be doing or the chore that Julie asked of me somehow slip my mind. But when it comes to fishing, I amaze myself with the most trivial details from my ever-expanding past. I remember how each Spring my father, ...

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One Fine Morning

September 10, 2018 by dmorin No Comment

You know how it is. Morning wakes brisk and crisp and the dawn’s glow washes out the stars with a pale orange light and wisps of mist rise from the slate-still lake. Now, what matters most is being out on the water before the fog rolls in like a curtain. This September morning rose breathtaking ...

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Planning Ahead

September 2, 2018 by dmorin No Comment

As the summer fishing and cottaging season winds to a close, many are thinking ahead to next season. We see this clearly at this time of the year because of the number of people who have already booked their 2019 trip to Two Moon Lodge. Another season of great fishing, good times and fantastic weather gets ...

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Back to School Days

August 20, 2018 by dmorin No Comment

We are now, officially and unequivocally, in the semi-season known here as late summer. (One could, I guess, consider it as pre-autumn, but for a former school teacher, it is still a depressing thought to consider fall being here. Perhaps Post-July?) While the water temperatures remain unseasonably warm and we have not had the cold ...

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Whitewater, Watercolours and Walleye

August 7, 2018 by dmorin No Comment

This past week we hosted a total of thirty-four guests(not all at the same time!), with every group here for a different vacation experience. It was a perfect example of the various reasons our guests choose Two Moon Lodge. It is no surprise to have guests come here for the fantastic mid-summer fishing. Fishing is, after ...

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