Lake Kipawa Fishing Report

Those anglers who experience the greatest success fishing Lake Kipawa do so because they have adapted their technique and equipment to suit this unique environment and changing conditions. That is why we provide regular updates on what is biting, where, and what techniques are working. Check back often. - Dave Morin

Strategic Napping

August 5, 2019 by dmorin No Comment

Fishermen are athletes. I think we all agree on the fact that, as an athlete, you strive to eat well, keep hydrated, and maintain the optimum body mass index to allow maximum performance. Sure you do. It follows then that the athlete will improve their game by adhering to developments in the field of Sports ...

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Non-negotiable Memories

July 25, 2019 by dmorin No Comment

“While Daddy is out fishing, Mother relaxes and sun bathes while the children play and swim safely in the water.” – Two Moon Lodge brochure, circa 1975 Seems a little dated, doesn’t it? Certainly times have changed since this brochure was printed in the 70’s, but it does speak top the long tradition of families ...

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Fly Me to Two Moon

July 15, 2019 by dmorin No Comment

Two Moon Lodge is quickly becoming a dream destination for fly fishing. As the lake environment transitions from the spring mating and breeding season to the early summer hatching season, the water and air have come alive with new life. Bugs, flies and creepy-crawlies of every description are scooting along the water surface, nymphs are ...

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Harness the Heat

This past week has given us some of the hottest walleye fishing of the year so far, and may be the best in many years. We played host to a private group from Florida and Ohio who booked the entire lodge (Yes, we do that: see Private Group Bookings) and while many of the group ...

Going Rogue for Post-Spawn Walleye

There are two pieces of advice I can give about fishing success at Two Moon Lodge. 1. Listen to the outfitter and 2. Don’t listen to the outfitter. (Remember: I’m the guy who said we missed blackfly season this year…what do I know, eh?) Here, I have been suggesting to our guests that the walleye ...

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