What to Bring

 To help with your trip planning, here is a description of the cabin amenities.


KITCHEN: Our camp is fully solar powered. Cabins have a 120V AC power 24 hours a day which is adequate for lights and charging devices (no hairdryers or electric coffee makers please). Cabins are equipped with a portable fan, propane stove and oven, propane fridge with small freezer box, coffee percolator, french press and stove top toaster. There is cutlery, plates, cups, pots & pans, bowls, cooking utensils, etc, available in each cabin. You may want to bring your own disposable plates/table cloth for some outdoor dining. All cabins have new outdoor gas grills for some great barbecuing!

WATER: There is a water cooler style dispenser that accepts a 20 litre (4 gallon) water bottle. Please arrive with ample drinking water in 20 L/4 gal jugs for water cooler.

BEDROOMS: Please arrive with a single fitted bed sheet, pillow case and sleeping bag. We provide pillows and extra blankets.

BATHROOMS: All cabins have hot showers/ full private washroom facilities.


  • Small dish soap, scrub pads, hand soap. We provide clean dish cloths/towels
  • Paper dinner napkins, extra paper towels, facial tissue and toilet paper, ziplocks, plastic and tin foil wrap
  • Extra large heavy garbage and recycle bags
  • Food (we will light our famous pizza oven once a week for you to cook your own pizza in our outdoor kitchen. Pack your own favourite pizza dough and ingredients). BBQ meats ( already frozen) and of course, fish batter!
  • Pack condiments for the week, spices, drinks and blocked or cubed ice in your coolers for those hot summer days!
  • If bringing beer, please purchase beer in cans. Already cold in your cooler
  • Personal toiletries, Swim towels, shampoo and soap
  • Medications, sunscreen, insect repellant, outdoor clothing and hiking shoes (our hiking trails are open for you to enjoy!)_
  • Optional: Books, cards, rainy day crafts (Check out our Loon Library and Activity Room on You Tube “Two Moon Outpost Lodge”)
  • Recyclable dog poop bags, necessary pet items
  • Yoga clothes and mat for those interested in participating in our daily morning yoga classes. Kids’ mask/ snorkel & small swim toys. We provide bikes, kayaks, canoes, SUP and rowing boat for your leisure
  • Phone usb/chargers (We have wi-fi available at the outdoor kitchen area for our guests). Personal data service works well for most cellular plans here.
  • The purchase of bait (worms & leeches only) and a Quebec fishing licence must de done prior to arrival at the Lodge. “Pro Nature” is a bait and tackle shop in Temiscamingue, Quebec that we recommend you use. Please call us upon your arrival in Temiscamingue to confirm arrival time at the Taggert Bay dock for boat transport pick up 705-443-7870 (Dave) 7871 (Julie)
  •  Bring your own fishing equipment (refer to “Fishing:Two Moon Tackle Box” on our website for essential must have fishing tackle). We provide landing nets and life jackets