20 and 30 Walleye Evenings – slip bobber techniques.

June 12, 2015 by dmorin No Comment

The bite is on! The guys have been killing it here all this week.The boys from cabin 5 have been averaging 10 – 15 walleye per man each evening. Trollers are getting fish during the day but the slip bobbers are really nailing them in the shallows in the evening. The ticket has been suspending a live leech 6 feet below the surface in 8 to 10 feet of water. Use a small wide gap hook, ideally a red one. I like to slide a red bead on the line above the hook for added colour and decorative appeal. Walleye, as you know, have a soft spot for ornamental design. Then hook the squirmiest live leech you have through one end. Use only enough enough weight to get the bugger down, two tiny split shots, maybe. Your stopper, tied to the line above the slip float, should be set about 6 feet above the hook. Toss the rig towards shore or if there is wind, let it drift into the shallows. When the float is pulled down, start counting steamboats…when the fifth steamboat arrives and the float is still underwater, set the hook. This may not be the most active method of angling, but then the bite is on, you’ll be too busy fighting fish to feel silly for fishing like you did when you were four years old.

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