10 Reasons to Love Fall on Kipawa

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There is a certain manliness about being on the lake in the spring during the height of mosquito and blackfly season that makes a guy itch to be out fishing with the boys. But if common sense counted for anything, the last week of August into the first half of September would be considered the best time to be on Lake Kipawa. Here are ten pluses about early fall at Two Moon Lodge:

1. No mosquitoes (or blackflies, deerflies, horseflies, stable flies, ankle biters, “government” flies). Can you imagine that? Finally, you can walk or bike the trails on Two Moon Point without becoming part of the food chain.

2. The lake is quiet. Not that the north end of Kipawa is ever very crowded, but as Labour Day approaches there is a noticeable decline in the number of boats that pass by Two Moon Point on a given day. Like from 4 to zero.

3. The loons are happy. I guess they are happy, given the increase in the loonie noises going on around here.

4. Night skies. It might be because night happens earlier this time of year and we are actually still awake to notice, or that we dare to stand still after dark (you don’t do that in June), but the stars are amazing. The north part of Lake Kipawa has some of least amount of light pollution on the planet according to the Dark Sky Atlas, (https://www.lightpollutionmap.info)

5. Fresh pizza toppings. It’s hard to imagine our wood-fired pizza being any better, but when it’s harvest time in Julie’s garden, our pies ooze with fresh garden tomatoes, peppers, basil or foraged porcini mushrooms from the forest.

6. Lake trout. The water starts to cool and the big lakers begin to feed aggressively prior to their fall spawning season. Surface trolling in the morning or running down 40ft works great right up until the season closes mid-September.

7. Afternoon walleye. 4:30 to 6:30 is prime time baby! Jigging or drop shotting 28-24 feet over mid-lake structure or off points. Or stay past 8:00 for the sunset finale.

8. Sunrise fishing. Mist on the water, cool morning then the sun on your face. And you don’t need to get up at 4:30 am to experience it.

9. Sleeping weather. Cool nights, the possibility of eight hours of sleep and still be fishing sun-up and sundown.

10. Fall fashion. Julie says that it is fashionably acceptable to wear your red-black plaid flannel after Labour Day.

The Milky Way over Moon Island

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